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Lynne Glasscoe

Candidate for Lismore

My vision

I want Lismore and district to be places of vibrant and resilient communities. Places to find meaningful work, enjoy life and build a sustainable and equitable future together.

What I stand for

Enhancing rural West Waterford as the hub of tourism and other sustainable commercial opportunities, with the Blackwater Valley central for the development of such opportunities.

My priorities

    • Recharge our rural communities as places of opportunity for sustainable business and equitable living; encouraging and supporting the local diverse talents by responsible tourism development, like walkways, blueways, adventure tours, food tourism.
    • Action at local level to protect and enhance our natural environment for enjoyment by present and future generations, with proactive measures to tackle climate change, invigorate tree-planting and enhance bio-diversity.
    • Make the best use of renewable resources and minimise man-made pollution through initiatives reducing wasteful consumption, supporting accessible public transport and ensuring focused local policies encouraging community engagement.
    • I will work to promote the research, development and use of renewable technologies in our area for both domestic and commercial customers with our educational institutions and the introduction of community-based schemes.

My experience

Lynne is a social entrepreneur, working with small businesses and communities; involved since 1975 in enterprise development in the Fermoy area, plus an extended period working on EU and other projects on Responsible Tourism in the Caribbean and the Silk Road Countries of Central Asia. Returning in 2014 to the Blackwater Valley, she is developing various tourism programs, supporting Syrian refugees and hosts a youth environmental program. Author of e-book Older, Wiser, Greener, with an MBA in Ethical Enterprise, she is also a celebrant: “I am conscious that present choices will affect the lifestyle and opportunities of my grandchildren. The time for change can only be now. It is time for Green voices to be heard loud and clear.”