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Mags Sheehan

Candidate for Mayo

My vision for Mayo

I believe that we should be able to access employment, education, health and other services, and produce our own energy and food right here in Mayo. I want to help build and strengthen cooperation and resilience within our rural communities in order to achieve a more sustainable rural Ireland.

What I stand for

I stand for equality. I believe not just in rights-based equality for all members of society, but in equity, meaning that those who require extra help to achieve a full and happy life get that extra help as a right. Equality should be built into our welfare, health, housing, transport and tax systems, in order to create a fair society for all.

My priorities

    • Adequate affordable and warm housing for all. I believe housing is a human right. We must address high rents, and reclaim empty houses. New social housing should be built immediately to reduce council waiting lists, and turnaround time for council houses must be improved.
    • Protect our environment – from reducing plastic use to protecting our pollinators, we can preserve and cherish our rich natural heritage. The benefits will include improved health and wellbeing, greater opportunities for sustainable agriculture, forestry, and eco-tourism.
    • Promote a stronger community role in our energy production. In Mayo we can design and build localised renewable energy systems around which our communities can retain control, and go on to benefit from into the future.
    • Accessible and affordable transport for all. Everyone should be able to access local public transport, regardless of age or physical ability, at an affordable price. Improved public transport services benefit our communities environmentally, socially and economically.

My experience

I have been involved in local politics for a many years, campaigning on equality and environmental issues. I have also worked in the community and voluntary sector, in various paid and unpaid roles in groups and on committees. I currently work in training and advocacy.

Latest activities