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Paula Roseingrave

Candidate for Wexford

My vision for Wexford

A Number 1 vote for Paula Roseingrave is a vote for change.

What I stand for

I am passionate about healthcare. We deserve better primary and mental health services. As a psychologist of 30 years standing with a specialisation in psychological trauma, I understand the importance of effective mental healthcare.

My priorities

    • affordable and accessible housing
    • ending homelessness
    • greater access to higher education and training in Wexford
    • a sustainable transport policy
    • a ‘Green’ economy built on our natural land and sea resources
    • a climate action plan that works

My experience

I am honoured to be the Green Party candidate for Wexford. I believe that the Green Party is best placed to bring an innovative and effective approach to the enormous challenges facing Ireland.

I am a mother, a psychologist and a community activist. For three decades I have specialised in psychological trauma and I understand the importance of good long-term mental healthcare.

Elections are a great time for big commitments and empty promises. The Green Party does not play that game. The outgoing government claims that it has turned the country around and put billions in the state coffers. Unfortunately, our current economy leaves too many behind.

We live in a country where having a place to call home is often a luxury, where many struggle to access higher education, where timely public healthcare is a dream and climate action is an after-thought. We need a change. We need a Green voice in the Dáil representing Wexford.