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Rose Anne White

Candidate for Newport

My vision for North Tipperary

I want the people of North Tipperary to live in a county that prioritises local community. I believe that accessible roads, locally-grown food, and access to our beautiful mountains and lake should be a right and not a privilege.

What I stand for

I stand for progressive politics and for community-led change at a grassroots level. I believe that we should measure our success as a society by how we treat our most vulnerable members, and that environmental impact should underpin governmental policy.

My priorities

    • Restore our towns. The streets of our rural towns are lined with empty buildings. We need better schemes to encourage the return of these homes and units to the property market, and targeted levies to reduce the rate of dereliction.
    • Value Lough Derg. Our lake provides our water, our local tourist economy, and our own recreation, among many other things. We need the councils on all three shores to enforce current protective legislation. We need a cohesive strategy that conserves and promotes this vital natural resource.
    • Support our farmers. The people who grow our food need more opportunities for diversification, both to safeguard their income and to revitalise the soil. We need to create more ways for them to sell directly in our local communities, via markets and co-operatives. 
    • Improve our roads. Our country roads are currently inaccessible to many users. We need better roads with footpaths and cycle lanes so that all members of the community can use these routes, and so that public transport becomes a realistic option for more people. 

My experience

I hold a PhD from NUI, Galway in History, and have worked as a heritage consultant for the past seven years. I am an experienced activist in the area of maternal rights and was a local leader in the Together for Yes campaign. I also have a long history in advocating for animal welfare, and volunteered for many years with the ISPCA. I spend my spare time taking part in groups that raise awareness about the value of the wonderful built heritage of our towns and countryside.