Suzanne McEneaney

Green Party Councillor
Suzanne McEneaney sits in front of green foliage.

My vision

Firhouse-Bohernabreena has some of the most beautiful spots in the country and I want to work to make it a clean and healthy place to live and work for people at all stages of life.

What I stand for

We all need to work together to improve our communities and individuals need the infrastructure to be in place to enable them to reduce their carbon emissions and waste.

My priorities

  • Affordable housing; building public housing on public land is necessary to create thriving communities.
  • Biodiversity; we have fantastic scope in our parks and mountains to increase our biodiversity and protect the eco-systems that support us. Our mental and physical health can benefit from getting out into the beauty of nature.
  • Waste; we need to reduce dumping and have efficient and affordable waste collection services.
  • Public Transport; Why waste hours of our week in traffic jams, emitting fumes that reduce the quality of life for people with Asthma and contributing to climate change? Communities with efficient transport links can make life easier for people and protect the planet.

My experience

I am a Special Educational Needs teacher and mother of two young men. I also have a cat, a border collie and a husband.

I have been a Green Party member for over 20 years because they are the only party that is facing up to the biggest threat facing us, with honesty and policies based on evidence. Political action at every level is the only way we will be able to make the necessary changes.

I grew up in Belfast in the 70’s and 80’s and that has given me a deep conviction that we have to work together and that compromise is necessary for progress. A sustainable future is a more equal one and I will do my best to contribute to that.