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24th October 2019 | Biodiversity, Marine, Press Releases

Plastic pollution in our seas is an ecological disaster and we need more action to stop it at source – Greens


Responding to the news that the government are preparing to ban microbeads, Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan said:

I’m very happy to see the government finally acting on this obvious step to reduce plastic pollution flowing to our seas. It’s three years since I moved my own bill to get rid of microbeads, and this is only a very small step in controlling the flow of marine litter to our seas and oceans. We need much, much more action, far, far faster to deal with the ecological disaster we can see unfolding. The government could start by allowing the Green Party Waste Prevention Bill, to help stem the flow of this plastic waste at the source.”

Commenting on the news that a new expert group will be formed to advise on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Karin Dubsky, the Green Party candidate in the Wexford by-election and well-known marine ecologist and activist, said:

“The Marine Protected Areas advisory group is an excellent government initiative which should not only signal the expansion of our sad little 2.3% MPA network, but also a new approach where MPAs are identified with public participation and proudly supported locally.

“While Ireland will not make our EU and UN targets for the start of 2020, it can make very significant progress over the next few months, with bigger and better MPAs as indicators.”