28th March 2019 | Justice

Potential closure of Hatch Hall direct provision centre shows direct provision system is collapsing – O’Gorman


Green Party Justice Spokesperson Cllr Roderic O’Gorman has stated that the potential closure of the Hatch Hall direct provision centre in Dublin City Centre further demonstrates the near collapse of the direct provision system. He was speaking in response to reports that Hatch Hall is to be turned into a 5 star hotel by the Red Carnation Group.

Cllr O’Gorman said:

“The potential closure of Hatch Hall as a direct provision centre and its conversion to a luxury hotel further demonstrates that the direct provision system is close to collapse. If Hatch Hall closes, it will leave only one direct provision centre – the Clondalkin Towers Hotel – open in Dublin. This was also due to close but has been extended to this summer. Soon, all persons who are in direct provision in Dublin may be forced out of the city.

“The last few months have seen the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) fail to secure new accommodation for persons in direct provision due to arson attacks on potential premises. A significant number of existing centres are full to capacity and emergency accommodation is being sought for some residents of these centres.

“Successive Governments and the RIA have created the fundamentally flawed system that is direct provision. Now, they are unable to run it properly. It is time for a radical re-think on how we treat asylum applicants as they wait for a determination of their cases here in Ireland”, concluded Cllr O’Gorman.