27th February 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Pregnant women need compassionate care not compulsory breath tests, say Greens


The Green Party has cautioned the government against implementing breath testing of pregnant women when they present to maternity services.

This comes following the publication of research indicating that some women do not tell their health-care providers that they smoke and suggesting that breath testing be implemented.

Green Party spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Pauline O’Reilly said:

“Women need compassionate care when they are pregnant and while monitoring is sometimes necessary we would caution against alienating women during the first trimester of their pregnancies by breath testing every single woman. We need to trust women and if women are not coming forward then further examination of the cause of this are needed rather than a nanny state approach.

“Investment in maternity services is needed and this includes breastfeeding support and a diversity of options for giving birth including home-birth and active birth facilities” she concluded.