21st October 2021 | Press Releases

‘Pulling the curtain back on the life of a woman politician’: Cllr Darcy Lonergan on the Women in Politics series


The Women’s Committee of Dublin City Council was established in November 2020 with the aim of strengthening women’s cross-party co-operation, and working together to influence policies and decisions. Since then, we have organised specialist training on planning via the female lens, voice training and storytelling training, started a mentoring program, and penned a letter to Ministers seeking maternity benefits for Councillors. Currently, we are working together on a ‘Women Safety project’ which will see the Committee carry out safety audits throughout the city using the data to advocate for necessary changes to make the city feel safer.

The Women in Politics video series came from the need to showcase the positive side of women in politics as we felt ‘women in politics’ is often accompanied by topics including barriers, harassment, etc. Whilst we all agree these are issues we face, we wanted to also focus on the positive side of politics: how hugely rewarding this work is and why we love representing our local communities. We wished to demystify the political realm by being honest about the role and encourage more women to join us. We pulled the curtain back on the life of a woman politician in Ireland through 15 videos featuring women Councillors from Dublin City Council’s Women’s Committee. Each adds their unique insight as they discuss their roles, the reasons they entered politics, the challenges and changes they have witnessed over the years. In the video below, you can watch a compilation  of the videos from Green Party Councillors Hazel Chu, Claire Byrne, Caroline Conroy, Donna Cooney and myself.

Darcy Lonergan is the Green Councillor for Cabra–Glasnevin, and Chair of the Women’s Committee of Dublin City Council.