10th April 2018 | Digital, Justice, Press Releases

Ryan to question Data Protection Commissioner on INM data breaches


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said today that he will be looking to question the Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, on the INM data breaches when she comes to the Oireachtas Communications Committee hearing next week (April 17th).

Speaking today, Deputy Ryan said: “The alleged data breach at INM is hugely concerning on a number of levels, regarding journalists right to privacy, and the power of media owners to influence public debate. The full details are yet to emerge. We want to question the DPC on the role her office has in addressing the data breach and the committee hearing next week should provide such an opportunity.

“We know that the DPC considered reports of a data breach at INM in August 2017. We need to know what investigations took place on the back of that and why any investigation that did take place failed to uncover the true scale of the data breach.

“We also want the DPC to outline the range of sanctions that can be applied to such a serious data breach, and what the timeframe is for concluding such an investigation.”