26th May 2020 | Environment, Marine, Press Releases, Water

Safe bathing water is essential for our mental and physical health – Greens


Following five years of “poor” water in Merrion Strand Beach, it became the first Irish beach to have a total ban on swimming and bathing in the country.

Green Party Spokesperson for Housing, Local Government and Planning, Francis Noel Duffy TD, said:

“Urgent action is needed by the department and the Minister to ensure that this doesn’t repeat itself at similar sites around the country. There are notices in places like the Brook Beach in Portrane, where the water quality has been rated as “poor” for 4 years already. Going into the summer months, we need to ensure that these resources remain available to the public as swimming can be vitally important for both our mental and physical health.”

The issue at Merrion Strand stems from polluted water from two streams, the Elm Park and Trimmlestown streams. Both of whom are polluted as a result of misconnections with domestic plumbing, resulting in water from the wrong pipe going directly into the stream.

Similar issues are faced in places like the Brook beach in Portrane, Co Dublin, Ballyloughane and Clifden beaches in Galway and Liliput at Lough Ennel in Co Westmeath. Some of these beaches face a similar fate to Merrion Strand next year if nothing is done to alleviate the situation. To aid in this situation, Dublin City Council has established a taskforce to deal with the issue.