1st May 2018 | Agriculture, Press Releases

Sainsburys – Asda merger ‘likely to have a serious knock-on effect on Irish agriculture’


The Green Party said today that the proposed Sainsburys – Asda merger is likely to have a serious knock-on effect on Irish agriculture, and called for Bord Bía to outline their response.

Speaking today, Green Party Spokesperson on Agriculture Pippa Hackett said that the UK is one of Ireland’s biggest export markets, and the proposed merger posed a real threat to our beef and dairy sector.

This is potentially a huge blow to Irish farmers. This merger effectively reduces our market in the UK from three buyers to two, and could be as significant as Brexit itself on the Irish agriculture sector.

“Although the merging companies have promised to keep stores open, there will be cost-cutting measures, and these are likely to come from consolidated distribution and the supply chain. This will generate massive pressures on the likes of beef and cheddar exports, and we all know who will end up absorbing the cost of that – Irish farmers.

Bord Bía need to reassure our food producers that they will increase their efforts to ensure that this merger will not have negative consequences for sales of Irish food in the UK.