12th October 2021 | Press Releases

Securing protections for young people and families in budget key priority for Greens


The Green Party has secured significant funding in this year’s budget focussed on protecting young people and families as the country exits Covid and steps up the fight against climate change.

Roderic O’Gorman TD, Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth commented;

In Government, the Green Party is working to deliver a greener, more equal Ireland and today’s Budget is another step in that process. This is a budget that protects young people and the most vulnerable, securing a fairer Ireland for every citizen. Within my own Department, we will be setting out transformational measures on childcare that will improve pay and conditions for staff in the sector, ensuring services are sustainable and there is no increase in fees for parents.

“As Youth Minister, I’m also thrilled to say that my colleague Minister Eamon Ryan has been able to secure a new commitment that by mid-2022, the cost of cost of all public transport for every young person under 24 in the country will fall by 50% with the introduction of new Youth Travel Card. 

“The Green Party entered Government to make a real difference for people and with this budget we are again delivering on what we set out to do – for parents, for childcare workers, for young people and for our most vulnerable.”

Catherine Martin TD, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media stated;

“We are finally coming out of Covid and it should be a time for optimism and hope for our young people. Some of our hardest hit sectors are also those that enrich our lives and I’m delighted to announce that there will be funding provided to support and invigorate festivals, music events and nightlife activities. 

“My Department will be maintaining Arts Council funding at record level of €130m. With this sustained funding, the Arts Council will continue to protect jobs and the livelihoods of artists, and support arts organisations through the challenges they face. There will also be €25m allocated to pilot a Basic Income Guarantee Scheme for Artists. This will support core living costs for a variety of artists, ensuring they can keep creating. 

“The Green Party is working to create a thriving Ireland for every community in the coming year and beyond, and I will be ensuring that our arts, sports and culture is supported to play a central role in our recovery.”

Neasa Hourigan TD, Chair of the Budgetary Oversight Committee said;

“The Green Party are striving to secure a greener Ireland for our young people and protect the most vulnerable in our population. This budget reflects the direction government is beginning to take, and as outlined in last weeks’ National Development Plan, in long-term, sustainable planning for a green decade that puts climate, communities and equality at the centre of government investment.

“The Climate Action Plan is also set to be announced shortly, which will set out what we need to do this decade, including changes in how we generate our energy, travel, heat our homes, grow our food and look after our land.”