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24th September 2019 | Climate Change, Energy

Star of the Hulk warns Irish government about importing fracked gas – time to listen up say Greens


Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo took to twitter today to warn the Irish government that if it wants to be a leader on climate change it cannot import fracked gas.

He tweeted:

#Ireland is an international leader on climate change with its ban on #fracking. For the climate and for public health, it would be disastrous to allow US fracked gas mix into Ireland’s energy.”

Green Party Spokesperson on Climate Cllr David Healy agrees:

“The Taoiseach has been boasting about Ireland’s ban on fracking at the UN this week. Using it as proof of our green credentials.
“But back home his government are planning to import tons of fracked gas from the US through the proposed Shannon LNG terminal.
“It’s hypocracy of the highest order and I’m glad Mr Ruffalo has called them out on it.
“If we are to take climate scientists seriously then we cannot import fracked gas. We have to solve our energy problems here by stepping up our investment in renewable energy here.
“We must make sure that we don’t export our problems and contribute to climate breakdown through trade. If we are to stop climate breakdown we have to keep it in the ground.”