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10th October 2019 | Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

Sweden have stopped an LNG terminal – time for Ireland to follow suit – Greens


Today the Swedish government rejected Swedegas’s application to install an LNG terminal in the Port of Gothenburg.

The project is very similar to the one planned for Shannon, which will import fracked gas from the US.

The Swedish Climate Minister made the following statement about the decision: “We cannot build-in a dependence on fossil fuels when we have climate targets that mean we have to be down to zero emissions by 2025.”

Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan has called on the Irish government to reflect on the Swedish decision and its clear rationale and to stop the development of the Shannon LNG terminal, asking: “Why is the Irish Government sitting back in the face of the Climate Emergency when countries like Sweden take real direct action to stop fossil fuel companies heaping on the fuels to keep the climate crisis ignited.

“We need to take the money we are about to sink into the Shannon LNG terminal and redirect it to clean homegrown energy. That would be a far better investment for the planet and for our own energy security.”