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14th May 2019 | Uncategorised

Taoiseach’s comments symbolic of a lack of interest in climate action: Greens


Speaking following the Taoiseach’s portrayal of the Climate Emergency declaration as “symbolic” Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said:

“The treatment of the declaration of a climate emergency by Dáil Eireann as simply ‘symbolic’ demonstrates the Taoiseach and Fine Gael’s inability to grasp the reality of the problem. This is a real emergency, not a symbolic one, and the Government has the power it needs now to pass the legislation, like the Climate Emergency Measures Bill and the Waste Reduction Bill, to begin to get their act together. It will become symbolic only if the Taoiseach chooses to make it so.

“The Taoiseach said today that additional powers are only afforded to the government when a security emergency is declared – I would say to the Taoiseach that the Climate Emergency is the greatest security threat to Ireland today. The security of our food and energy supply are fundamentally at risk, and inaction now represents a profound failure of leadership and an abdication of responsibility.”

Senator Grace O’Sullivan, the Green Party spokesperson for environmental protection, said:

“While the Taoiseach is adamant that Ireland should continue extracting oil and gas and failing to act appropriately, the Green Party will keep on campaigning to keep it in the ground. The longer we take to make these changes the harder it will be to do so. We did not declare a symbolic emergency, we declared a real one, because global climate chaos and species and habitat decimation are not symbolic, they’re real. We are in an emergency situation and it’s time to start behaving as such. ”