14th May 2021 | Foreign Affairs, Justice, Press Releases

There will be no real healing, no authentic peace until first there is truth and reconciliation – Senator Martin


Responding to the British Government issuing an apology yesterday to the relatives of the ten innocent people who tragically lost their lives in what has become known by many as the Ballymurphy Massacre, Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Senator Vincent P Martin said,

Falsely describing and branding the 10 unarmed innocent victims gunned down by the British Security Forces as being IRA armed members caused deep aggravated hurt and further grave upset.

“People should not have to wait 50 years to have the record corrected and receive an apology and in this instance the apology was not at the British Government’s own volition but resulted from pronouncements and findings made by a Judge following a hearing in The Coroner’s Court. 

“In order to move on from the dark past, the truth for all who suffered injury or loss of a loved one, is absolutely key. Until such time as we have truth and reconciliation, there will be no real healing, no authentic, lasting peace.”

The names of the ten victims who were shot dead in Ballymurphy, west Belfast almost 40 years ago, were finally cleared this week following the longest running inquiry in the North to date. Coroner Mrs Justice Keegan found that the 10 victims were “all entirely innocent of any wrongdoing on the day in question.”