2nd July 2020 | Biodiversity, Community, Economy, Environment, Press Releases

Three new Green Ministers announced


The Green Party are delighted to announce three new Green Junior Ministers.

Malcolm Noonan TD, Minister of State for Heritage & Electoral Reform.

Ossian Smyth TD, Minister of State for Public Procurement & eGovernment

Joe O’Brien TD, Minister of State for Community Development & Charities

Minister of State Noonan will be located in the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. A key responsibility in this role will be overseeing the National Parks & Wildlife Service.

Minister of State Noonan said:

“I am humbled and honoured to have been appointed to a portfolio that I am so passionate about.

“I think it’s particularly exciting to have heritage and biodiversity within three green ministries; two of which are at the cabinet table.

“We wish to put built, cultural and natural heritage at the front of both government policy and the recovery of the country. I am looking forward to engaging with the sector, eNGOs and communities over the coming weeks to set out an ambitious agenda for this role, to work with my colleagues and Minister O’Brien to fulfil the objectives for heritage under the Programme for Government.”

Minister of State Smyth will be located in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and central to his position will be bringing forward green procurement practice and developing online public services.

Minister of State Smyth said:

“My priority will be to update all procurement frameworks in line with green procurement practice. I am keen also to improve public services by following the Programme for Government commitment to put more public services online in an integrated way.

“The Office of Government Procurement spends over €9bn per year on goods and services so there is scope here to have a significant impact on the wider economy.”

Minister of State Smyth’s background is as a data analyst, a software engineer and he has run a financial services consultancy firm.

Minister of State Joe O’Brien will be located in the Department for Rural and Community Development. He will have responsibility for community development and charities.

Minister of State O’Brien said:

“As someone who worked for 20 years in the community and voluntary sector, I am delighted to be appointed Minister of State for Community Development and Charities. The Community and Voluntary sector brings out the best in us and connects us to issues in our communities that the State often fails to address or is slow to react to. It has a been a comfort and empowering influence to those on the margins and the forgotten. It has been the source of so much positive societal change in recent decades. I look forward to getting stuck into this role immediately and supporting and providing space for the Community and Voluntary sector to change lives, change communities and continue to change Ireland.

“I will work with the sector to build on and drive the current national strategy ‘Sustainable, Inclusive & Empowered Communities’. I look forward to meeting and supporting the variety of vibrant groups working for their communities across the country’.

“The public response to Covid-19 has shown that we have an exceptional level of community spirit in Ireland. This needs to be rewarded, supported and harnessed for positive change. I hope to help make this happen.”