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17th May 2019 | Press Releases, Regional Development

‘Turn words into ACTION’: Green Party challenge government to back up the climate emergency declaration


Fine Gael need to go back to the drawing board with the National Development Plan if they are committed to tackling climate breakdown

Green Party MEP candidates come together today to launch their Action Plan for Ireland. Ireland declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency needs to be more than ‘symbolic’ – it needs to be supported with practical measures.

Today Ciarán Cuffe, Grace O’Sullivan, and Saoirse McHugh come together to launch their key actions on climate for the three constituencies of Dublin, Ireland South and Midlands-North-West.

Councillor Ciarán Cuffe MEP candidate for Dublin said:

“It is time to act on climate for Dublin. I want Europe to help us deliver an A-energy rating for all council housing. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and tackles fuel poverty.  European action can also ensure we invest in walking, cycling and better public transport. We must also empower cities such as Dublin to deliver affordable housing. Let’s use Cohesion policy and European Investment Bank financing to ramp up support for cost-rental housing just like Vienna.” 

Senator Grace O’Sullivan MEP candidate for Ireland South said:

“As an MEP I will fight for sustainable enterprising communities where citizens of all means abilities and disabilities can survive and thrive in a healthy environment. I want support from the EU to enable Ireland to invest in the rollout of affordable and accessible public transport links to all areas in Ireland South – urban and rural. I want to work with the struggling fishing communities to develop marine areas where fish stock replenishment programmes can help the industry regenerate. I want to ensure Ireland broadens the scope of its EU commitments on banning single use plastics within the next two years.

Saoirse McHugh MEP candidate for Midlands-North-West said:

“If we are to get out of this crisis we need to support rural communities to be energy and food sufficient. This will build the resilience we need to protect our people. If we really see a future for rural Ireland we need to give them the tools to support themselves. Right now we are seeing everything going the wrong direction we need to change this trend if we are to meet the goal of net zero by 2050.”

Eamon Ryan Green Party Leader said:

“What needs to happen now is that Fine Gael need to scrap the National Development plan and start again. It is clear that it is not fit for purpose. We need to get to net zero by 2050 and based on the current plan we will take a third of that time to get one tenth of the way there. We need a new plan that works for all parts of Ireland, we need a plan where everyone and every place matters.”

Measures to deal with the climate and biological emergency:


A-energy rating for all council homes

Invest in walking, cycling, and lower fares

Empower Dublin to deliver affordable housing

Ireland South

Develop sustainable communities where people of all means and abilities can survive and thrive into a healthy future.

Invest in development of affordable public transport links to all areas of the constituency – rural and urban.

In partnership with struggling fishing communities, develop Marine Protected Areas with fish stock replenishment programmes supporting industry regeneration .

Ensure that Ireland broadens the scope of its agreed EU commitments on banning a range of single-use plastics by 2021.  

Midlands North West

EU support for community energy schemes

Support for local organic community farms

Pledge to Nature: Much stronger EU protection of biodiversity