15th April 2020 | Coronavirus, Justice, Press Releases

Tusla must set out Covid 19 strategy for domestic violence sector – Greens


The Green Party has today urged Tusla to develop a strategy, backed by funding, to support domestic violence organisations as the Covid 19 crisis continues.

Green Party Justice Spokesperson and TD for Dublin West, Roderic O’Gorman, said:

“The longer the lockdown continues, the greater the chance we will see significant increased pressure on the services. Tusla needs to set out a strategy, covering additional accommodation, funding for services, and PPE, for the domestic violence sector.

“We welcome the Department of Justice’s new awareness campaign, but people working on the frontlines need certainty that they can continue to provide much needed services throughout this crisis.

“Last week, the Minister for Health said that social distancing may be part of Irish life until a vaccine is developed. The reality is, though, that many refuges are communal facilities and cannot currently provide adequate social distancing and isolation facilities.

“Services must also be backed with the necessary funding. So far, the Department of Justice has pledged €160,000 for domestic violence, but that’s just 10% of what the sector has been calling for.”