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16th October 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Vulnerable patients need to be protected from the government’s ‘validation process’ – Greens


The Green Party’s Spokesperson on Health Dr Séamus McMenamin has called on the Government to outline how it intends to protect vulnerable patients from its ‘validation process’.

The validation process is for people on waiting lists for treatment. It involves two letters being issued to patients asking if they still require treatment and giving the patient a deadline of 14 days in which to respond for each letter.

Dr McMenamin said:

“As a GP working in the Health Service I see many patients who have been incorrectly removed from waiting lists due to this policy. Patients with literacy difficulties, mobility and memory problems who rely on others to interact with the health service. Patients who were in respite when the letter arrived”

These patients are then penalised as they re-enter the waiting list at the end.

Dr McMenamin continued:

“It is hard to counter the argument that this policy discriminates against those who cannot respond promptly and their medical need does not go away because they did not respond to a letter.”