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19th December 2011 | Uncategorised

We need a treaty change which is effectual and provides real stabilisation


The deal agreed at the December EU summit does not contain the Institutional reform required to stabilise the EU Common Currency. 

Green Party Spokesperson on Europe, Cllr Brian Meaney has requested that the Government not bother the Irish Electorate in voting on a referendum that ratifies a half baked agreement that only deals with rule enforcement. 

There should be no question mark as to whether an Irish referendum is needed or not. The necessary reform will require a referendum and the Irish Government should make this clear at future EU leader Summits. 
While the Green Party understands that the correct economic solution may be politically difficult to achieve across the EU and In Ireland, there is no point in pursuing an incorrect economic solution because it is easier to deal with politically. 

Furthermore the three month wait before a decision on the need for a referendum is undermining the case for a yes vote in Ireland. Ireland should commit to a referendum, but only on a referendum that is worth having.