24th June 2021 | Blog post

What we can do to lead on Climate Action this Pride


From fielding the first openly gay party candidate for Dáil Éireann, to being the first to make equal marriage core party policy north and south, the Green Party has always stood firm for LGBTI+ advancement. In Ireland, the Green Party (originally called the Ecology Party of Ireland) was formed in 1981 by a group of people with a vision for an Ireland that planned for the long-term and protected the Island’s natural beauty.

European Greens are now involved in more governments in Europe as preserving and protecting the European environment is vital to reducing the effects of climate change. However, to achieve the goals set forth by the EU, we need everyone helping to make these programs a success.

But I’m not here to tell supporters what the Green Party has done for the LGBTI+ community, rather I want to use this opportunity to challenge LGBTI+ people of Ireland and Northern Ireland to be a part of the Environmental solutions to reducing our carbon footprint and bringing back the natural beauty the environment of this Island has to offer.

Irish American President John F Kennedy challenged a generation to be a part of the solution when he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” This speech was a call to action for all people to find a way to contribute to the public good of the country. This Pride Month, I am sounding the call of action for the LGBTI+ community to get involved in environmental causes to help keep Ireland green.

Ireland lags in recycling and renewable resources, and we need LGBTI+ people who are interested in these areas to step up as entrepreneurs. We need LGBTI+ youth to look for college programs in environmental science, oceanography, renewable engineering, horticulture, and more. Consider adopting a portion of the canal to keep clean or maybe just the local street in your area. Get your mates together for once-a-month community cleaning by picking up plastic bottles, glass, cans, and trash. These programs do not require the government’s help, rather you just need to communicate with the local government to be proactive in saying you want to do this.

During Pride, we need everyone represented in the rainbow to help to keep the original mission of the Green Party alive for future generations to maintain the natural beauty of the environment on this island. Together we can preserve, protect, and save Ireland’s natural beauty and become leaders in environmental opportunities. Rainbows are a part of the natural beauty of this island, and the rainbow is what represents the LGBTI+ community. Let us keep thriving and working to improve our society and the opportunities afforded to all.

Happy Pride! Stay safe and get vaccinated!

Scot Buchholz
Chair of the Queer Greens