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5th February 2020 | Climate Change, Press Releases

‘Who is going to listen to the science?’ – Greens


Speaking in response to the RTE Leaders’ Debate, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said:

“What we have seen from last night’s debate is that there are major deficiencies in the climate plans of all of the three big parties and none of them are listening to the science.

“Fine Gael’s climate plans will only get to a 2% emission reduction; the science says we need 8%. Fianna Fáil’s plans might not get to 2% yet and we need 8%. Sinn Féin’s commitment is unclear yet we need clarity more than ever before.

“Who is going to listen to the science?

“Yes, we need serious investment in housing, yes we need improved transport, and yes we need to improve farm incomes. But what we say is we can do these things and tackle climate change and this will benefit our communities and the economy.”

Neasa Hourigan, Green Party Finance Spokesperson, said:

“We have watched every debate waiting for the detail of each party to emerge on climate action but it hasn’t emerged.

“If you look at Fine Gael’s plans everything is on the long finger, everything is a feasibility study. Through Project Ireland 2040 they have over 50 roads projects, they have no major public transport project planned.

“Fianna Fáil has a manifesto that is full of ambiguous language, vague language, fuzzy language. They talk about ‘pathways’ to climate action. We are not very sure where they stand. They have thrown out a number of 8% and they have absolutely no way of achieving that.

“And right in the middle of an election they have pulled back on their belief that we cannot go ahead with the Shannon LNG project. Micheál Martin is now saying they CAN go ahead with that. We need clarity with that.

“Our planet is on fire and we are not sure that Fianna Fáil have any interest in calling in the fire brigade.”

Roderic O’Gorman, Green Party Justice Spokesperson, said:

“We noticed going through the Sinn Féin manifesto that they are committing to things that have already been done. The divestment of sovereign wealth, which happened in 2018, and the ban on fracking, which happened in 2017. Clearly, they needed to fill up a few sections of the manifesto.

“When it comes to carbon tax they are clearly ignoring the report from the ESRI which shows that the Carbon Dividend, which the Green Party support, will both reduce our emissions but will also have a redistribution impact – it will benefit those in lower income brackets the most.

“We see a lack or reliance on evidence-based research in the Sinn Féin manifesto.”

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