30th October 2018 | Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

WWF Report Offers Yet Another Stark Warning for Our Planet


The latest WWF report offers yet another stark warning for our planet, say the Green Party. Following in the wake of the recent IPCC report on climate change, the WWF’s biennial ‘Living Report’ paints a similarly grim picture for global wildlife populations, which have plummeted since 1970 due to human activity according to the study.

Escalating consumption and overuse of natural resources are among the human factors that have helped drive climate change, with catastrophic results for wildlife populations – some of which have seen numbers decline by as much as 89% over the past fifty years.

The WWF have urged much stronger political action on this issue, calling for a global deal similar to the international Paris Agreement to tackle climate change.

Green Party Spokesperson for Environmental Protection, Natural Resources, Marine, and Tourism, Senator Grace O’Sullivan: “This report once again brings home the terrible reality of what we are doing to our planet. The endless consumerism and throwaway culture that underpins our society today is simply not sustainable, and yet again we are seeing the very real consequences.

“We need to take a step back and radically re-evaluate our approach to the environment. Strong leadership will be required at an international level in order to do this, but there are also measures that can be taken right now at a local level. For example, the report found that the percentage of the world’s seabirds with plastic in their stomachs has risen from 5% in 1960 to 90% today. The Green Party’s Waste Reduction Bill, which addresses the issue of plastic waste but is currently being blocked by government, would go some way towards tackling this particular problem. We don’t have to sit on our hands and wait for orders at EU- or UN-level.

Green Party Spokesperson for Climate, David Healy: “Future generations will read reports like this and the IPPC’s recent report, and wonder how did we ignore such stark warnings. These are warnings, not that we are going to cause terrible damage, but that we are already doing so. How can it be explained that in the same year that this warning is received, governments like ours produced policy documents like the National Development Plan and the 2019 Budget, which are plans to accelerate the damage and increase the pressures on the natural world which gives us life?”