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We don't receive any funding from the state or corporate interests. We're run on a voluntary basis, relying on donations from people who believe in the Green values we stand for. If you want to make sure there are Green representatives improving your community come May, please show your support and click here to donate .



Read an outline of our campaign goals and policies here. (Leagan Gaeilge)

The Green Party?

The Green Party is a political Party founded on the principles of peace, democracy, social justice, protection of the environment and sustainable use of our natural resources.

The Green Party is the only party in Ireland where members have a direct say in all decisions. Members contribute to policy development and decide who stands for election.

Read our Pre Budget Submission to Budget 2014 (Leagan Gaeilge)

Read our Seanad Reform Policy document (Leagan Gaeilge)

If you would like to get involved, join us, donate or volunteer.


Latest News

​Water charges should be delayed until after meters installed - Noonan
Green Party Communications | 17.04.2014

Charging without meters shows that this is a tax, not a conservation measure
​We need to go back to the drawing board in harnessing Irish wind power
Green Party Communications | 14.04.2014

Community ownership must be at the heart of any new deal
​UN report shows we have the means to tackle climate change
Green Party Communications | 13.04.2014

But we still lack the international co-operation needed to solve this Global Commons problem
Ireland abandons renewable energy on the day UN says we need a huge increase in wind and solar power
Green Party Communications | 13.04.2014

The decision to drop wind export plans to the UK will cost the Irish consumer and economy dear

Local and EU Elections will be held on Friday May 23. Click here to find your local candidate

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