Affiliate Groups

The Green Party is fortunate to enjoy a diverse set of members, from all walks of life, collaborating in our vision for a better Ireland through our associate organisations.

Green Party representatives gather at the Natural History Museum in Dublin to call for climate action
Women Councillors and LEA Reps at the Green Party Local Group Think In in 2021

Mná Glasa

Mná Glasa works to promote gender equality in the Green Party and the Irish Political system. It is open to all people who see the need to rebalance the political power structures between women and men in society

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Two members of the Young Greens chair a panel discussion with MEP Grace O'Sullivan

Young Greens

The Young Greens are the youth wing of the Green Party for any student or resident of Ireland aged 16-30 who supports social justice, sustainability, grassroots democracy, and peace.

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Slea Head on the Dingle peninsula, Kerry, Ireland.

Just Transition Greens

The Just Transition Greens are a movement to build support for climate justice and a just transition outside and within the Green Party.

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The Green Party’s strength comes from its members. Together we're taking action to build a better tomorrow and secure a brighter future.