Colette Finn

Councillor for Cork City South West

My vision for Cork City South West

I want to work for a Just and Fair society.

What I stand for

Equality and fairness for all in society.

My priorities

    • Housing. I will promote access to good quality, affordable housing as my top priority. The Green Party has championed the cost rental model of housing. This is a sustainable model of building which local authorities can use to provide homes for people.
    • Just Transition and Climate Action. I want to promote a just transition as we move to a carbon-neutral economy. That is a complex process and there are no quick and easy solutions. With education and supports, communities can move away from carbon-intensive activities.
    • Cooperative economy. There is a considerable amount that can be achieved through cooperation. Smaller communities have always worked together to help each other. I want to promote cooperatives and work with Government to support and develop co-operative businesses.
    • Transport. I want to promote alternatives to car based travel by supporting the council to provide transport infrastructure for people who want to walk or cycle or use public transport.

My experience

Colette is the Green Party representative for Cork City South West. She is a former researcher at University College, Cork. Previously she had spent over 30 years in the Hospital Laboratory Service. She has studied Economics to doctoral level. After living and working in Africa she has come to realise the importance of politics to ordinary people’s lives.

Latest activities