Ronan Maher

Candidate for Kildare South

My vision for Kildare South

I want Kildare South to be a vibrant, thriving area, that is welcoming to all.

What I stand for

I want to ensure all in Kildare South have access to good quality, affordable housing, cheap reliable public transportation and a clean, well preserved natural environment for all.

My priorities

    • Getting a fair deal for commuters and delivering affordable public transportation
    • Delivering badly needed, quality housing ensuring that all people can afford to rent or buy in Kildare.
    • Protecting our natural envrionment for further damage so future generations can have a brighter future.
    • Ensuring a just transition for workers, so that no one gets left behind as we move to a Green Economy.

My experience

I am an IT Specialist with a background in Engineering. I have worked for the past three years in the utilities sector specialising in large scale software deploymnent for critical systems. I’ve worked on large scale infrastructure projects with numerous stakeholders and on both large and small teams. I am one of thousands of daily commuters from Kildare to Dublin as well as one of thousands of professionals who are squeezed out of both the property and rental market.