Our Campaigns

Wellbeing Indicators

GE2020 – Economy for People

GE2020 – Protecting Nature Matters

GE2020 – Caring Has Value

GE2020 – Climate

GE2020 – Housing

GE2020 – Fund Active Travel

GE2020 – Transport

GE2020 – Vibrant Rural Communities

Green Party Rural Manifesto

GE 2020 – Water Quality and Conservation

Green Party Manifesto General Election 2020

GE2020 – Public Transport First

Green party Pre-Budget Submission 2020

Close to Nature Forestry

Commuter’s Charter

Just Transition

Healthy Homes

Green Party Pre-Budget Submission 2019

Our Community Energy Bill

A Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin

Help us fight for a new executive Mayor to oversee public policy in our city.

Housing Crisis: Cost Rental

We need a radically different approach to addressing our housing crisis. A "cost rental" model is part of the solution.

Improving Building Standards

Imagine if you put all your savings into finally buying a home and then you find out it is defective? It has a major issue that you could not have known about when buying. What would you do?

Protect Our Wildlife: Repeal The Heritage Act

The Heritage Act will take a torch to our natural environment - we want to stop it.

Housing Crisis: Our Living Cities Bill

In the midst of a housing and homeless crisis, our towns and cities are filled with derelict and vacant sites. The Green Party wants to bring life back into our cities and towns by bringing these dead sites back to life.

Our Waste Reduction Bill

Help us to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste from disposable cups and tableware by supporting our bill.