The Green Party believes that the agricultural sector, its outputs, supporting structures and stakeholders are at the heart of creating a sustainable society and a successful national economy.

Ireland is in a unique position to provide high quality, sustainable produce for ourselves and the rest of the world. If we focus on quality, ethics and reducing carbon emissions we can carve out new market shares and protect farmers and their families.

Our current system is over-reliant on dairy and meat. We are mass producing a handful of foodstuffs for export and importing most of the food we actually eat. The pricing structure favours large-scale retailers and not the producers. We can change this. We can protect the planet for the future at the same time as we safeguard farming livelihoods.

The Green Party will diversify Irish farming with more tillage, forestry and horticulture. We will protect the soil, water, forests and marine environments on which the sector depends.  Agriculture, like all sectors, must play its full part in the fight against climate change and we will undertake this mission in close cooperation and collaboration with farmers and the wider sector.

Key policy points

Work with farmers to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

Reform the Common Agricultural Policy linking funding to lower carbon emissions, enhanced biodiversity, carbon sequestration and animal welfare.

Support 20% of Irish farms to be organic by 2030.

Encourage diversification from a mostly animal-based model to one that produces grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts and plant-based products.

Assist the production of biomass and anaerobic production of plants as a source of energy and income for farmers.

Phase out below cost selling to ensure a fair price for farmers for their produce.

Policy revised: January 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

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