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The Green Party is a transformational partner in all levels of Government. We're effecting real change and working hard to create a fairer Ireland and Europe. We work for every citizen and a green, sustainable future for all.

MEP candidates

European Elections 2024

Green MEPs in Europe have played a pivotal role in legislation ranging from nature restoration, workers rights, data privacy, energy security and protecting those who provide humanitarian assisstance to refugees. 

Our MEP Candidates

40th celebration

Local Elections 2024

Green councillors play a vital role on city and county councils in passing climate action plans, creating walkable towns and cities, planning and community development. Check out our Local Election Manifesto to read more about our plans to build safe, happy, and sustainable communities across Ireland.

Our Council Candidates

Brian Leddin

Limerick Mayor Election

In June 2024, Limerick will have the opportunity to vote for its first ever directly elected Mayor, with responsibility for strategic development, housing, roads, transport, and the environment. Limerick City TD Brian Leddin wants to develop Limerick and the Midwest region as a counter balance to Dublin, with a metropolitan rail network, clean energy industry, and renewal of the towns and city.

Brian's manifesto

What we're fighting for

Climate Action

At every level of government, we're taking Ireland further and faster on climate than ever before. With the European Green Deal, Ireland's groundbreaking Climate Act, and ambitious national and local Climate Action Plans, we are aiming to halve Ireland's emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

Protecting Nature

We are driving unprecedented supports to address the biodiversity crisis. We will continue to fight for the Nature Restoration Law in Europe, create more National Parks and implement the National Biodiversity Action Plan across Ireland, and keep delivering ambitious programmes for nature-friendly farming.

Affordable Housing

Ireland's housing crisis is about both supply and affordability. The number of new houses is ramping up, and specific Green measures are taking root. We will continue to roll out the 'Cost Rental' housing model to bring down rents. We will maintain generous grants to refurbish vacant, derelict and cold homes.

For forty years we've been fighting to protect people and planet. This mission has never been more urgent.