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Budget increase for organic farming marks doubling of investment since Greens entered Government

13th October 2021
Organic farming plot

Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, Senator Pippa Hackett, has announced a €5m increase in funding for organic farming in 2022, allowing the organic farming scheme to open for new entrants in response to high demand in 2021. The total budget of €23m marks a doubling of the organic sector budget since the Green Party entered government.

Minister Hackett stated;

“From an agriculture perspective, this budget prioritises nature-friendly farming practices. I am delighted to have secured a big increase in the budget for organic farming, from €18m to €23m. I know many farmers are interested in making the transition to organic production. This will support them as they do so.”

The horticulture sector will also receive €9m through the budget. Minister Hackett added;

“I understand that it has been a difficult time for many in the horticulture sector. A €9m allocation will help ensure we continue to produce home-grown fruit and vegetables, reduce imports, and keep growers in business.”

In addition, Minister Hackett announced an allocation of €100 million to support the reform of the forestry sector, with a new forest strategy planned under Project Woodland;

“The €100 million allocation for forestry will support the continuing reform of the sector, the development of a new vision under Project Woodland, and, with new legislation coming on board, enable small scale planting of native trees. A further €5m will be allocated to promoting biodiversity on farms through a scheme to be announced in late 2022 and I’m also pleased to see increases in the budget for soil sampling.”

Spokesperson for Rural Development and Enterprise, Senator Róisín Garvey said;

“There is a huge appetite within the farming community in Ireland to address climate change and develop sustainable practices. The funding allocated in the budget is an important step towards supporting farmers make that transition to sustainable, climate conscious farming and forestry. The Green Party is working hard to ensure they can be rewarded for their efforts. We also firmly believe in the massive need to bring life back into our towns and villages and transitioning to long-term sustainable practices is a huge part of making sure people can continue making a living in rural Ireland.”

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