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Green Party calling for progress on key animal welfare measures, through Seanad motion

13th July 2022
Pauline O'Reilly speaks to the press

Increasing animal welfare measures in live export, the greyhound industry and bringing a stop to the fur farming industry in Ireland, will be the focus of a Green Party private members motion in the Seanad tomorrow.

The motion, which is being brought forward by Senators Pauline O’Reilly, Vincent P. Martin, and Róisín Garvey, calls on the Minister for Agriculture to:

  • Set a minimum requirement that all shipments carrying live animal exports to third countries carry a veterinarian on board.
  • To vigorously pursue domestic alternatives to live exports.
  • Commence all sections of the law to end fur farming, following passing of the law earlier this year.
  • Investigate whether the greyhound industry has lived up to promises on animal welfare and if not withdraw funding.
  • Regulate the breeding, owning, sale and supply of exotic pet species.

Commenting on the motion, Senator Pauline O’Reilly said;

“The Green Party would rather see live exports outside of the EU ended and the greyhound industry defunded but unfortunately, we could not get that over the line during government negotiations. It is also something that the major parties in opposition have given no commitment to achieving.

“However, there was agreement within government to bring forward better animal welfare provisions and we want to see these delivered urgently. We want to see the conditions improved for animals that are exported. We need to protect animals that we farm from hunger, pain, disease, distress and fear. Can we guarantee this of the animals we send overseas? Welfare oversight by veterinarians is critical.

“We need to see reasonable progress demonstrated by the greyhound industry when it comes to the welfare measures they have promised. We also want the recently passed legislation to end fur farming brought in in full.”

The motion is before the Seanad tomorrow morning.

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