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Green Party MEPs call on Harris to champion environment in Brussels this week

15th April 2024
MEP candidates

Ireland’s three Green Party MEPs and candidates called today (April 15th) on Taoiseach Simon Harris to insist on concrete measures to fight climate catastrophe and protect the environment. Taoiseach Harris will meet senior European leaders in Brussels this week to discuss the European Council's strategic agenda at a Special European Council meeting on April 17-18. Climate change and the environment is part of the planned agenda but their importance has been downgraded following pressure from far-right politicians.

Grace O’Sullivan, Green MEP for Ireland South said;

“Last week we had two shocking reports - one that the EU had quietly dropped all references to climate and environment from its agenda for the next five years, and one from the UN’s top climate official saying that we have just two years to avert catastrophic climate change.

“A stable climate and functioning ecosystems are the foundations on which everything else is built - our society, our economic system, and our food systems. Now is the time for more, not less climate action. The Taoiseach must express Ireland’s strong desire for continued EU leadership. The alternative is unthinkable.”

Ciaran Cuffe, Green MEP for Dublin said;

"As President Von der Leyen backtracks in Brussels, Taoiseach Harris must show leadership and stand up for the protection of the Irish people, our economy, and our land from the worst impacts of climate change. The climate agenda is the agenda of securing food production, of protecting our communities from flooding, and of providing energy security.

“It is not in the gift of any responsible politician to deny those aspirations to the people of Ireland. Taoiseach Harris must commit to concrete measures that will protect lives and livelihoods now, and for generations to come."

Senator Pauline O’Reilly, Green candidate for Midlands North-West said;

“The future for our economy and our communities in Ireland is a green future. As Europe discusses its five-year plan, we expect our Taoiseach, under a coalition government, to go to bat for this green future.

“As a country we have already progressed significantly, with a projected emissions reduction of 5% for 2023. Let's ensure that continues. Let's continue to go green and show that Ireland is leading the way and is pushing the European Union to do the same."

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