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Green Party thanks all voters and campaigners on both sides

9th March 2024
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The Green Party today (March 9) thanked every citizen who voted in yesterday’s referendums regardless of how they voted.

Equality Minister Roderic O’Gorman said the Green Party will now reflect on the outcome.

“I’m extremely disappointed with the results of today’s two referendums. When the Government puts forward a proposal for constitutional change, it is up to the Government to make the case for that change. In this campaign, Government was unsuccessful in doing that. We accept the decision of the electorate on this issue”.

“There will have been multiple reasons for the decisive No votes today, and Government will have to reflect on them. While I still believe in the case for constitutional change of Article 41, any decision on this will be one for a future Government”.

“Notwithstanding the result today, Government and my Department will continue to work to provide support that will benefit families, carers and disabled people”.

Green Party director of elections Pauline O’Reilly paid tribute to the many organisations and individuals who took part in the debate and told their stories. 

“This was a complex campaign. Government has heard voices from all sides and will now take the next steps to strengthen support for carers and those who are cared for. It was clear that there was a very diverse set of views in relation to the current wording and the proposed wording in the Constitution and it is for all parties, government and opposition, who supported the changes to reflect on these diverse views. I want to thank all of those who came out to put the case for an update to the Constitution, and to assure all voters that we respect the outcome, as we do with every referendum.”

Leader of the Green Party, Eamon Ryan TD, expressed his gratitude to voters;

“I want to express my thanks to the people of Ireland for taking part in this referendum regardless of how they voted. Democracy does not always mean that you get the outcome you wish for. Today is one of those days. While the Constitution remains unchanged, this Government will continue to work to improve the lives of carers and those who are cared for.”

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