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Green rival to von der Leyen joins campaign trail in Ireland

15th May 2024
Bas Eickhout

Lead candidate of the European Greens, Bas Eickhout brought his vision for a fairer, greener and more hopeful European Union to Dublin today (May 15). He is running as an alternative to current President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on a platform of nature restoration, climate action and defending democracy from those who stoke hatred for their own gain. In a recent Politico debate with other candidates for the Presidency, Eickhout won a vote of audience members on who they believed would make the best President.

Bas Eickhout, lead candidate of the European Greens, said;

"In these European elections, the continued fight against the climate crisis is at stake. That is a crisis that is connected to so many other crises facing the European people: security, extreme weather and costs of living. We need a solid Green and Social Deal to transform our economy into a futureproof economy, instead of allowing the Conservatives of the European People's Party (EPP) and the Liberals of Renew to protect the status quo.

“The Greens propose a massive investment plan to strengthen our European economy in a sustainable manner. A Green Industrial Deal that breaks away from polluting and fossil-addicted production methods. One that creates jobs, safe and healthy living and new perspectives for all. We have both the vision and the courage to fight the vested interests and we challenge EPP to join us on that path."

Ciarán Cuffe, MEP for Dublin, said;

“Thanks to the leadership of politicians like Bas Eickhout, this outgoing Parliament has made landmark progress on climate action in record time. The European Green Deal is under threat, however, from the rise of the far-right around Europe. These forces would rather see it unravel and deny the benefits, the safety, and the security that this deal offers to all of us. 

“Strong Green voices in the next European Parliament will be absolutely essential to stop this, to protect the achievements we have made, and push climate action further. We are the antidote to the divisive and polarising politics of the far-right, and we will fight for a better Europe that is greener, fairer, and safer.”

Bas Eickhout is standing as one of the European Green Party’s leading candidates for the 2024 European Parliament elections, to strengthen climate protection and democratic values. He has a long history of working for the Green values of sustainability, social justice, and a more democratic Europe. He co-authored the IPCC report on climate change which received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Grace O’Sullivan, MEP for Ireland South, said;

“Bas Eickhout has been one of the leading drivers of the Green Agenda in the European Parliament over the last five years, and, as a leading candidate for the European Greens in these European Elections, will play a pivotal role in the next term. His expertise as an environmental scientist has been instrumental in shaping legislation.

“Bringing the important issues facing my constituents to the EU is a vitally important part of my job as an MEP - but bringing the EU to meet my constituents is even better! I was delighted to highlight the issues facing Wicklow, and Ireland South, to Bas, and put them high on the Greens’ agenda for the next term. We discussed coastal erosion, and the threat from increasingly powerful storms driven by climate change, transport, housing, and the need for an EU that fights inequality and injustice - delivering for every citizen in every corner of Europe.”

Senator Pauline O’Reilly, MEP candidate for Midlands-North-West, said;

“Ireland cannot tackle climate change alone, that is why it is vital we work with our colleagues in Europe to tackle this common challenge. The Nature Restoration Law shows there are Greens across the EU working hard to protect our environment and restore nature. But it also shows there are people who try to ignore the problem or put barriers in the way. That is why we need people like Bas Eickhout to challenge the EU establishment and bring real climate action.”

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