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Midlands North West's O'Reilly slams MEPs who voted against Nature Restoration Law

27th February 2024
Senator Pauline O'Reilly

Green Party MEP candidate Pauline O’Reilly has slammed the two MEPs in the Midlands North West constituency who voted today (Feb 27) against the Nature Restoration Law in the European parliament.

The Nature Restoration Law was passed by 329 votes to 275 in a vote in Brussels. Independent MEP Ming Flanagan and Sinn Fein MEP Chris MacManus, who are both from the Midlands North West constituency, voted against the measure. 

“It is a good day for nature but a shameful day for our region, with Sinn Féin and Luke Ming Flanagan voting against the Nature Restoration Law today," Senator O'Reilly said.

"On top of all this, Fianna Fáil Barry Cowen has worryingly suggested that environmental action is going too fast. These people do not represent us, they do not represent the future of farming and are in the danger of leaving Midlands North West behind again as we fight for a sustainable future,” she added.

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