Bláithín Gallagher

Candidate Sligo Leitrim

My vision for Sligo Leitrim

My vision for Sligo Leitrim is of a diverse, inclusive and welcoming society where all can live well in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable communities, based on social justice with the focus on need, not greed.

What I stand for

It is time to create positive change, to make sure that those we elect represent the collective community and not just the individuals who shout loudest. I stand for equality and I’m not afraid to speak the truth or to tackle issues head with integrity and honesty. 

My priorities

  • Full and frank local consultation 
  • Sustainable livelihoods & communities. 
  • Tackle social isolation & loneliness 
  • Support diversity & inclusion 

My experience

I was born and reared in a farming family in Leitrim. My father was a vet, my mother a publican. I have worked all my adult life in the community & voluntary sector, with the arts, people with disability and older people. My career spans art and science. I have worked extensively in EU funded project management, and research on ageing and disability. Editor of the Leitrim Guardian since 2010, I also chair the board of directors of The Model in Sligo. I live in Creevelea with my two young adult children who are both planning to pursue careers in the arts, like their father.