Bridget Ginnity

Local Area Representative
Bridget Ginnity LEA
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As your representative, I will work for a better Ennis - a vibrant town with safe walking and cycling, less traffic congestion, good public transport and housing with lots of green spaces.

My Vision for Ennis

I strongly believe that our towns and countryside in Clare can be an even better place to live if we develop active travel and public transport options, if we enhance biodiversity and access to nature and upgrade our housing efficiently. Public participation is the way we can achieve the best solutions, and they also reduce our carbon emissions and help us deal with the climate emergency.

My priorities

• Less time stuck in traffic
• Safe and pleasant routes to walk and cycle
• Public transport going when and where you need it

• An affordable home for all
• Homes that keep the heat up and the costs down
• Renewable energy upgrades that suit your needs

• Businesses and Arts that thrive, not just survive
• Families that flourish, with affordable childcare
• Green spaces to sit, play, walk and swim
• Healthy air, healthy nature, healthy people in mind and body


I moved to Ennis in the early ‘90s because of the friendly atmosphere, the narrow streets and good facilities. I believe we can make Ennis an even better place to live and reduce the climate impact at the same time. I’m a scientist and am on the board of the Clare Local Development Company. I’ve been involved with local community groups including Ennis Book Club Festival, Ennis Sub Aqua Club, Clare Haven and Clare PPN.

I get great pleasure from the water, woods and wild in Clare and want future generations to experience those wonders as well.

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