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David Healy

Councillor for Howth - Malahide

Latest activities

7th November 2019

Greens welcome new ‘School Street’ scheme – where an entire road is pedestrianised around school pick-up and drop-off

24th September 2019

Star of the Hulk warns Irish government about importing fracked gas – time to listen up say Greens

21st August 2019

Minister threatens to overrule Regional Assembly’s plans for public transport in the Greater Dublin Area

8th August 2019

How we use land is contributing to climate change – we need a National Land Use Plan: Greens

9th July 2019

Government must stop dragging feet on air pollution: Greens

25th June 2019

Cycling can offer transport solutions for rural Ireland as well as urban areas – Greens

18th June 2019

Greens criticise lack of public transport improvements in Climate Action Plan

17th June 2019

Climate Action Plan Lacks System Change Needed to Tackle Crisis – Greens

6th June 2019

Government Plans Fail as Emissions Set to Grow

3rd May 2019

Greens instrumental in development of improved transport strategy for Greater Dublin Area

20th March 2019

Greens welcome Irish Water decision to apply tertiary treatment to treated effluent; still concerned about location of outfall beside Ireland’s Eye

11th February 2019

Have your say in Dublin’s Climate Action Plans: Greens

18th January 2019

Fine Gael are, yet again, double-dealing on climate: Greens

20th November 2018

Air Pollution Study Highlights Urgent Need for Action on Carbon Emissions

31st October 2018

Green Party Backs Calls for Dedicated Public Transport Police

30th October 2018

WWF Report Offers Yet Another Stark Warning for Our Planet

19th October 2018

Green Councillor Welcomes Installation of Drinking Water Fountain in Howth

17th August 2018

Greens call for cost-rental housing on Fingal public lands

30th July 2018

Green Party disappointed with rooftop solar scheme

19th July 2018

Healy: Complete economic transition needed – not tinkering around the edges

12th June 2018

Cuffe welcome publication of BusConnects plan

31st May 2018

Healy: No surprise in EPA emissions projections

16th May 2018

Continuing water quality issues threaten tourism, public health and the environment

17th April 2018

Healy criticises River Basin Management Plan

11th April 2018

Fingal Co Co to reduce use of controversial pesticides