Donna Cooney

Donna Cooney
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I want to protect and enhance our local amenities, and to create a place where people can live secure and fulfilling lives within their community.

I stand for a local government that is responsive and well resourced to meet your needs and the needs of the community. Providing real solutions for a cleaner, greener, healthier, more sustainable future for you, your family and your community.

My priorities

Protecting our beautiful natural and built heritage in Dublin Bay and in our parks.

Providing enhanced public transport, with a well designed, safer cycling and walking environment.

Making communities strong and resilient so we can meet the challenges of Climate Change.

Providing solutions so we can have homes for all and a more equal society where the most vulnerable in our communities are protected.

Giving people real opportunities to live happy healthy and connected lives.

Securing access to all the services and amenities we need in our communities, from health and education to sports and culture.

Safeguarding access to quality childcare and care for older people in our communities.

Creating living communities designed with consideration for children and people who are less mobile.

Supporting local shops and businesses. Keeping our streets clean and safe, protecting our trees.


I have been a community activist for 25 years, working to protect Dublin Bay, the Promenade, St. Anne’s Park, and Fairview Trees and Park. I have campaigned against bad developments; improving our area with cycle-ways, playgrounds and sporting facilities. A founder of Dublin Bay North Repeal the Eighth, I am committed to equality and climate action.

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