Lyn Hagin Meade

Local Election Candidate
Firhouse - Bohernabreena
Cllr Lyn Hagin Meade
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I will champion South County Dublin as a living, breathing community, where everyone can life their best life, in a secure, healthy, joyful way.

I am pleased to represent the Green Party as the candidate for Firhouse Bohernabreena in the upcoming Local Elections 2024. I am proud to have represented you in South Dublin County Council since 2022.

The four Green Councillors together, have had an outsize role as a strong voice for biodiversity, climate action, active travel, allotments, community, climate, women, and social issues.

I want to tackle our need to grow in a sustainable way for the community, economy and environment. I am working to ensure our communities get on the map of sustainability – that our new projects reflect the values of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring others with our leadership.

I want to create networks and opportunities for women and girls to learn about leadership, STEM and opportunities for the 21st century. I will work towards education, sports, activities, community groups and organisations with women and girls from all backgrounds, in our community to access much needed resources and expertise.

I will continue to support the community to build a diverse, people centred, active locality, where everyone can live work and play, regardless of age or ability. Enhance the lives of residents, assisting them with accessing the resources they need to live a fulfilling life.

My priorities

Environment and Sustainability - I will continue to provide detailed and informed policy actions, motions and amendments for climate action, biodiversity, sustainability, retrofitting, and reducing emissions in South Dublin.

Inclusion - I will continue to work to provide activities, programmes and solutions that make life easier for all families in South Dublin County and advocate for greater services and supports. I welcome those who have come to live and work in Ireland, and those in International Protection, to contact me for help with finding local services and supports.

Housing - I will continue to work hard advising and supporting families living in rental and social housing in South Dublin and improving local residential amenities.

Women - I’m hopeful that we will reach 50/50 gender balance in council chamber and proud that the South Dublin Green local election candidates are 60% women.

What I will do for our local community

With your Number 1 vote, I will continue to work for disability and dementia awareness, inclusion, and for an Autism Friendly County. I will work with our Council staff to maximise results from policy in climate action, sustainability,biodiversity and mitigating climate related issues.

I will work for more voices from our community to be heard. I will advocate for a local citizens assembly and Futures Committee.

I will work in the spirit of consensus, for our Council to review public spaces, budgets, and services, to make sure women, children and vulnerable members of society are counted and planned for.

Lyn Hagin Meade