Maria Dollard

Green Party Councillor for Kilkenny City
A woman, Maria Dollard, stands in front of a stone wall. She has shoulder-length dark blonde hair and is wearing glasses

My vision

I want Kilkenny to be a modern, inclusive and sustainable city that we can all be proud of. Kilkenny City is a vibrant, social, cultural, and historical hub with unique potential to be a leader in how we transition our towns and cities to be sustainable into the future and great places to live and work.

What I stand for

I stand for social inclusion and equality for everyone, regardless of their identity or background. Kilkenny people are warm and welcoming of people of different cultures, abilities and backgrounds. We have a great community spirit and our community groups and clubs welcome new members.

My priorities

  • Social inclusion and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups, including those with disabilities, minority groups, carers and the Traveller Community.
  • Decent and affordable housing for all and supporting communities to engage with the public consultation and planning processes.
  • A fair and just Ireland with opportunities for all and particular priority for making Remote Work visible and bringing those jobs to every corner of Kilkenny, sustaining our rural communities.
  • A just transition and a protection of our valuable natural heritage.

My experience

I have a MEd in Adult & Community Education, 25 years experience in disability advocacy and 30 years experience in adult and community education. I have worked in prison education and with a number of ETB’s and the HSE in disability services.

I live in the heart of Kilkenny City with Niall and we have three sons and a daughter. Niall runs the MET √Čireann Climate station for Kilkenny from our garden and I love nothing better than to spend time in Kilkenny because it’s a great place to live.