Michael Pidgeon

Dublin South West Inner City
Green Party National Coordinator Michael Pidgeon at the 2022 Annual Convention
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I'm working to put progressive values into practice: in transport, housing, and quality of life. I stand up for funding public services and making sustainable transport an easier option for all.

My priorities

Calmer streets: Dublin is perfect city for walking, cycling and public transport - but it needs the infrastructure to make sustainable transport an option for all.

An Open City: Dublin is our nation's capital. While parts of Europe drift to the far right, our city should stand up for clear, progressive, open, inclusive values.

Housing: Dublin simply needs more quality housing. I have consistently supported new social and public housing developments, and want to ensure that everyone has access to a decent, secure, and appropriate home.


I lead the Green Party group on Dublin City Council and chair the city's climate and environment policy committee. I have a background in European public policy and previously worked for the trade union movement, an environmental NGO, and the Mayor of London.

Green Party Councillors at the Local Green Group Think In 2021