Michael Pidgeon

Councillor for South West Inner City

My vision

My vision is for a Dublin 8 which is a decent, inclusive, livable home for people who want to live in the city.

What I stand for

I’m standing for clean, principled politics, with an emphasis on making the city an easier place to get around, affordable homes, more green space, and a strong rejection of the hard-right politics sweeping Europe.

My priorities

    • Affordable housing. Dublin needs more homes, not more hotels and student accommodation blocks. I’ll work to end full-time AirBnBs, take action on derelict sites, and give speedier planning permission to genuinely affordable homes.
    • Taming the traffic. Our city should put public transport, walking, and cycling first. I’ll work to give pedestrians priority at crossings, support bus network improvements, take traffic out of the city centre and make cycling an easier, safer option for everyone.
    • Decent public spaces. Our part of the city has far less green space than others. I’ll protect and improve what green space we have now and work to deliver more pitches, parks and open space.
    • A cleaner environment. The government still hasn’t faced up to climate change and the environmental crisis. I’ll aim to cut our city’s carbon emissions, reduce plastic waste, and prosecute illegal dumpers.

My experience

I’m proud to be the Green Party rep in Dublin’s South-West Inner City. I’m a Dubliner, living in Kilmainham, a few doors down from where my granny was born and raised. I’ve lived in Monkstown, Rialto, London, Brussels, and Hanoi. I’m currently head of communications at the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation. Previously, I worked for the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Friends of the Earth, and as an English teacher.