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Michael White

Candidate for Donegal

My vision for Donegal

I want to help create a clean, green Donegal. I want to see a county that makes the most of our beautiful natural environment while offering a great place to live, work and raise families.

What I stand for

Taking climate change seriously – We have less than 10 years to avert catastrophic climate breakdown.
A fair society – Reduce inequality by focusing on education, housing and healthcare ; protect the most vulnerable in our society.
Innovation – encourage new ideas for developing Donegal’s economy.

My priorities

  • Climate crisis – While we can all make individual changes, we now need serious action from national government before it’s too late. This mean changes in how we heat our homes, travel to school and work, produce our energy, and use our land. This is my top priority.
  • Transport – we want to make public transport cheap and effective in Donegal, including supporting more routes and greater frequency; promoting electric vehicles; re-establishing rail links to the rest of the country; and promoting cycleways and safe walking routes.
  • Healthcare – access to health services is a real issue for people across the county. I want to prioritize support for community hospitals, seek to increase resources for Letterkenny General Hospital and investment in rural GP practices.
  • Environment – launch a major tree planting program to create an unbroken band of trees across the county; eliminate illegal dumping and pollution; promote biodiversity; improve urban planning; improve water and air quality.

My experience

I’m from Moville, and live with my wife and two boys in Greencastle. I am co-founder of a software startup based in Letterkenny. I went to school in Moville and Carndonagh before studying Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, later earning a Post Graduate Diploma. I worked in the software sector, including periods spent in Kenya, Colombia, Jamaica and Malawi before returning to Dublin. My wife and I came home to Donegal to raise our children in 2005. I’ve been a member of the Green Party since 2017. I joined because of my increasing concern about climate change, and frustration about illegal dumping and pollution in the county. Donegal is great and I want to do everything I can to protect and promote it.