Oisín O’Connor

Green Party Councillor for Glencullen-Sandyford
A man, Oisín O'Connor, with short brown hair and wearing a blue shirt, sits in front of a grey background.

My vision

I want a Glencullen-Sandyford that has a natural environment with flourishing biodiversity, top quality public services for all, welcomes well-planned housing and other infrastructure and in which every person has the option to live sustainably and securely.

What I stand for

I stand for an inclusive society, ambitious climate action and better public services for all regardless of age or background.

My priorities

  • A just transition and a protection of our valuable natural heritage.
  • Social inclusion and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups, in particular migrants and younger people.
  • Decent and affordable housing for all.
  • A clean, safe and liveable Dublin where people of all ages and abilities can safely access services and amenities in their local area without the need to drive long distances.

My experience

I have experience in the international NGO sector, the tech industry and in grassroots campaigning for safer streets.

I live in Dublin 14 with my wife and daughter where we live car-free and as sustainably as possible.