Oliver Moran

Cork City North-East
Oliver Moran
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Before all else, I believe in people and the strength of communities of people to create change.

People from all walks of life have a unique genius. What is missing for many people are the tools to connect with others and the opportunities that others take for granted. A fair republic is one where everyone has access to what they need to bring equal benefits into their community.

My priorities

A city we will love to live in, with transport, housing, work and recreation that inspires Cork and the world.

A directly-elected mayor and local government reform, to bring the energy and passion that Cork people have for our city into the delivery of local services.

A referendum on the right to housing, so that no-one has to face the threat of eviction and the uncertainty of having nowhere to go.

End single-use plastics; these end up spoiling our beautiful harbour and are used as a excuse to build a 240K tonne incinerator in Cork.


I am the Green Party representative for Cork North-Central and spokesperson on political reform.

In 2010, I founded Second Republic, a national campaign for political reform. The group campaigned successfully for the Constitutional Convention, the predecessor to the Citizens Assembly. I continue to campaign for citizen rights and am a frequent local and national media commentator.

In my technology career, I have worked in healthcare, e-learning, digital inclusion and have been involved in technology start-ups and significant open source projects. I am a co-founder of the CorkDev series of talks on the technology and the IT industry and Wikimedia Ireland, the Irish affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Green Party Councillors at the Local Green Group Think In 2021