Rob O'Donnell

Local Election Candidate

Spokesperson for the Irish Language

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I'm putting myself forward for election to create stronger, sustainable communities in our county.

I want more young people present in politics, building a better and fairer society for all. I am passionate about the Irish Language, having only fully immersed myself in it post-secondary education. I want every individual to have this opportunity to re-immerse themselves in Irish culture and for future generations of students to be given the option to study and live through Irish. I want to revive rural towns and villages, make spaces more liveable and value our culture and traditions as a piece of heritage, not a tourist trap.

I want our Gaeltacht regions to be maintained and to flourish, along with other networks of Irish language speakers to grow throughout the entire country. The power of community groups and NGO expertise must be harnessed to create this movement, and I endeavour to ensure these voices and this vision can be realised through the Green Party.

My priorities

Places to Live

There is an urgent need for more housing across the country. Limerick City and County Council must take the lead and build more social and affordable housing, cost-rental housing, and act on dereliction and illegal short-term letting within the county.

Public Transport & Mobility

Reopening East Limerick's railway stations as part of a wider enhancement of interconnected public transport services will be key to creating more sustainable and accessible communities - for commuters, students and visitors alike.

A Real Sense of Community

Ensuring equal access to all services and amenities we need in our communities - health, education, sports and culture, quality childcare and care for older people - key to making Limerick a better place to live. I want our communities designed with consideration for all who live there; clean and safe, with respectful and sustainable design at their core.


An experienced communicator and activist, I first studied Engineering with Management in Trinity College Dublin, before working in education with the ISSU and later moving into the world of politics.

I have previously lived in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, and I now reside in my home village of Pallasgreen with my dog Yasser.

I currently work as part of MEP Grace O'Sullivan's constituency staff.

Rob O'Donnell

085 2564473